Voice 0ver Actor, providing audio and voice production for media, web and all industries, worldwide. Versatile for guy-next-door, any hard to soft sell or mood for narrations, trailers, smooth and professional for presentations, documentaries, explainer/training/medical/technical video/web/Youtube based applications, television, radio, industrial/corporate, image/branding, promotions, video-game/characters, IVR systems. Home Studio/same day delivery via FTP/Dropbox/Google Drive/cloud or email. Payment options include PayPal, Payoneer, Venmo and WISE.

“Well, it’s simple. I was a kid from the Midwest. Grew up in the burbs of St. Louis. Like any kid, I built my knowledge base on what came next. I became a musician with performance aspirations and being a high school band director, which quickly vaporized when I became mesmerized by the communications and broadcast industry. The rest is history? It’s a bit more adventurous than that old adage.

As my career evolved, I was groomed for public relations and marketing in media, business and non-profit environments. Fact is, I am a survivor and helped others make big money.

The Vision

Now, it’s about having fun doing what I love to do. The voice acting industry has amazing growth and I feel honored to be part of it. Striving to accomplish my client needs and accomplishing their goals, is my goal.”

Let’s work together. Let me help YOU be successful building your brand, your message, your presence in your industry. What comes next? Let’s connect and get started!”